Katie Coders - Computational Thinking and Coding

Computational Thinking and Coding (Ages 11-14)

Code is everywhere! In our homes, in our hands, and even in our clothes! Understanding the basics of how computers work their “magic” has become as relevant as being able to read, write, and do math!

Inspired by some of the mini-golfing antics at CanCan Wonderland in St. Paul, girls in this class will work individually and in teams to create a table top “mini golf” course that will include the use of logic problems, Little Bits, and coding with the Arduino microprocessor. The program will culminate with a big party to show off the final product to special guests the participants choose to invite. This Katie Coders program will provide a basic introduction to coding, but also to the thinking skills important to being a coder known as “computational thinking” or CT.

Tuesday nights 6-8pm, from Feb 13th-April 17th

Additional information will be sent prior to the start of the class.

Program Cost: $300

Sliding Scale:

1) If your income is below $55,000 you may choose to pay $150.

2) If your family is financially blessed and you are willing to help us support those with lower incomes: Feel free to pay more than $300!

3) If you are receiving free and reduced price lunch, you may apply for free tuition.

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