Katie Coders - Wearable Tech

Wearable Tech (Ages 12-17)

This Katie Coders program will introduce the fundamentals of computational thinking and programming in C++. Integrating Arduino-based digital sensors into applications, we will transform our bodies into interactive canvases that we can use to both “know” and “create” in the world. We will design and fashion Wearables--but not just for bling-- around our breath, movement, temperature and position to learn more about our physical selves and the digital tools that increasingly shape our experiences.

Participants will learn hands-on C++ coding lessons in a scaffolded manner across the classes. By the end of the program, they will be able to imagine, debug, and build ways for Arduino-powered sensors to respond to and support human interests or needs. This course requires the purchase of an Arduino Adafruit ARDX kit and some additional components, which participants will keep so they can continue building after the course ends. This Wearable Tech course is appropriate for previous Katie Coders who have completed at least two seasons of classes. This class is also open to interested girls who have confidence in using Scratch to run a multiple variable program or have taken an Intro to Computer Science course.

Tuesday nights 6-8pm, from Feb 20th-April 17th

Program Cost: $300

Sliding Scale:

1) If your income is below $55,000 you may choose to pay $150.

2) If your family is financially blessed and you are willing to help us support those with lower incomes: Feel free to pay more than $300!

3) If you are receiving free and reduced price lunch, you may apply for free tuition.

There is an additional materials cost for the Wearable Tech that covers the cost of materials you will keep after the course of $100. If you are applying for the free tuition you may buy this for $50.

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